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a written online performance


attempts on your body (by the anonymous screen in front of you) is a script-based online performance in which the viewer enters into an interactive chat with an anonymous entity in a 1: 1 format. The writing replaces a physical counterpart and becomes the actual player in this performance. The performance examines the attack and influence of the Internet on our physical body and poses the question of the real consequences of virtual acts. To what extent are virtual and physical reality intertwined? How does violence against the body take place despite physical distance? What does it mean to face a disembodied entity? And how does our body change in concrete terms through sitting in front of the screen all the time?


attempts on your body is the result of research into these questions and countless hours on the Internet, inspired by Peter Handke's play Audience Insult, videos from drone cockpits, survival games and intrusive comments in social media chat rooms, as well as the countless hours in front of the computer in Covid marked 2020 with increasing back pain and square eyes.









Premiere December 2020, Dampfzentrale Bern, as part of Trial and Error Online January I Jan 21 Teatras Menas Panevėžys, LIT I Feb 21 Hasard Festival, Friborg I April 21 Reconnect Festival, Iran


Concept and performance Rebekka Bangerter

Dramaturgy Andreas Wirz  


With the kind support of Nestlé Fondation pour l'Art and the Schweizerische Interpreten Stiftung.

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© rebekka bangerter

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