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a production by PENG!palast



Work sucks! Seriously, how useful is eagerness to work in a world full of overproduction? PENG! Palast questions the obligation to work and its positive image, goes into the abysses of unemployment, laziness and doing nothing - and sets off in Greece in search of a meaning in life without (wage) work.

Accompanied by their own compulsions and values, the theater collective gets into a turbulent whirlpool of exemplary social projects, refusal of work, dumping wages, subsidy fraud, vacation experiences, vacation animation and self-knowledge. On a multimedia stage with breathtaking digital animations, PENG! Palast takes the audience on a ride through hell - with the goal of developing a new consciousness of serenity and purposelessness.

Premiere November 2018 Coproduction Schlachthaus Theater Bern,

Theater Roxy Basel, Theater am Gleis Winterthur


Artistic director I co-author Christoph Keller
Co-author Raphael Urweider
Dramaturgy Rebekka Bangerter
Acting I Writers Table Kleopatra Markou I Nina Mariel Kohler I Dennis Schwabenland
Game in the movie Lionel Reinhardt
Film stage Julian Mücke I Ulla de Wurstemberger
Set Isabelle Kaiser
Lighting design Tonio Finkam
Cinematography by Tom Keller
Camera assistant I social media Luana Läderach
Film sound Beryl Frances Ryder
Mastering Joachim Budweiser
Multimedia I technology Jérôme Vernez
Production manager Roland Amrein
Accounting Dominik Huber


© rebekka bangerter

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