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© Michael Meili


a theatrical dog walk

inspired by donna harraway



In “The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness” Donna Haraway reflects on the simultaneous and interdependent becoming of humans and dogs. From hunting dogs, to rescuing dogs to pet dogs, dogs co-developed with society. What can we learn about ourselves when experiencing an unknown place together with our animal companion? The dog walk takes the participants out of the city and to a shelter where friendly dogs are awaiting them for a short walk. The walked is framed by audio readings reflecting on our interspecies relationships and interdependencies.

As part of the Otherwise Festival of the H0 Institute for Metamorphose, March 2019


Concept and realization Benjamin Burger I Rebekka Bangerter I Michaela Büsse

© rebekka bangerter

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