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© Chanelle Eidenbenz


a memorial with a beginning and an end



mnḗstis; die (from ancient Greek μνήμη, mnḗmē, "Mnese" dt. "memory" / "commemoration" / "memory", cf. also amnesia and amnesty). In the neurological sense, the ability of the nervous system of living beings to encode recorded information, to store it, to relate it to other memories and to retrieve it again when the opportunity arises. In a figurative sense, the word memory is also used generally for the storage of information in other biological and technical fields.


Memories make us human. Remembering creates community. More and more, however, one's own past is outsourced to external hard drives, withdrawn from the body. Always available, without loss. But to which memories do we attach importance? How do we construct our past?
MNESIA is an attempt to create a performative memorial space based on the audience's memories. Neurons and synapses are trained in various participatory experimental arrangements, memories are overwritten and between neuroscientific facts, magical realism and subjective imagination, possible collective stories and what was believed to be forgotten are searched for.



Premiere October 2020, Theater Roxy Basel ,

further performances: Gessnerallee Zurich, Tojo Theater Bern, Kleintheater Luzern / 3rd place at PREMIO SCHWEIZ 2019


Concept and artistic direction Rebekka Bangerter

Performance Deborah De Lorenzo
Room Stephanie Müller
Sound design Dominic Röthlisberger
Dramaturgy Andreas Wirz
Production Maxine Devaud - maxinthewood productions
Trailer Chanelle Eidenbenz

Thanks to Francesco Sanna, Elsa Schibler, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scholz, Lucy Weidenbach

A production by Rebekka Bangerter & Cie in coproduction with Gessnerallee Zurich and PREMIO, supported by the Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich, Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art, Albert Huber Foundation


© Juan Mauricios Schmid Bello


© Juan Mauricios Schmid Bello


© Juan Mauricios Schmid Bello


© rebekka bangerter

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