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© Thomas Lenden

GPO BOX No. 211

nominated for the ZKB Recognition Award

DAS Theatre / Theaterspektakel Zurich

2023 /2024

Two friends write letters to each other. While one lives in freedom, the other is in prison for taking part in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Across prison walls and two continents, they share everyday situations, talk about dreams and the restrictions they experience. Because political topics are censored, they learn to read between the lines and develop a poetic way of writing.


GPO Box No.211 is the address to which they send their letters. At the same time, it is the title of a journey that invites a visual reflection on topics such as freedom of expression, isolation and communication through the lens of object theater.

Premiere August 2024, Theaterspektakel Zurich

Concept / Performance / Mask Design and Builder / Breathing Papers Design and Programme: Chun Shing Au;

In close artistic collaboration with: Carmen Lee;

Dramaturgy: Rebekka Bangerter:

Light Design: Carmen Lee;

Advice: Miguel Angel Melgares, Marjorie Boston, Sodja Zupanc Lotker, Marko Ivic;

Percussion Advice: Keith Ng;

Choreography Advice: Jana Jacuka

© rebekka bangerter

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