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by mehdi moradpour (german premiere)



Information technology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology overwrite what a person has been up to now. Humans can be technically expanded, the limits of what is possible can be broken, deficiencies and limitations of biology can be overcome. But can this also relativize the limits of social inequality and exclusion?

Elijah and his cousin are first playmates, he from a simple rural background, she from a family that does oil business. Then they are allies in a city, in a sea of houses full of nervous markets, drooping inflorescences, ring tones, religious paradigms, oil-stuck animals, underground scenes and parents who restrictively want the best. The cousin helps Elijah to organize his conversion from man to woman - a forced decision to survive, as there are drastic penalties for homosexuality, but sex reassignments are supported by the state with relevant expert opinions. Elijah leaves his homeland as a woman. In a trio with Mela and Fanis, they visit a European city: A surgeon with a fabulous reputation and specialization in bionics works here. Elijah wants to expand, he wants to be woman and man in one and something beyond that. Technoider, a transhuman experiment that leaves restricting attributions behind, in the service of society and as a model for a better future. They meet the surgeon, Fanis falls in love, the trio expands, mentally, physically, magically and organically: Eva needs a kidney in order to be able to go on living.

A scenario in which the atmospheres of the city, sea and dream landscapes penetrate the body. Utopian longings meet tough laws, individuals in disintegration meet medical tribunals.


Premiere: September 17, 2019
Acting Cornelia Kempers, Monika Vivell, Stefan Haschke, Thomas Kienast
Directed by Rebekka Bangerter

Stage, costumes Margrit Flagner

Dramaturgy Alexander Wunderlich

Sound design Augustin Zimmer


© rebekka bangerter

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