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a classroom piece by olav amende (WP)



“They're just not listening. They just don't look. What is happening here makes no sense ”

- Ganjaman

Teachers don't know everything either. So let's take a look at the background! Epic Tough is a rapper, rap expert and investigative journalist on YouTube (@epictough). Since Bill Gates invented Corona, Epic Tough has been visiting school classes all over Saxony-Anhalt to help you better classify the one-sided music lessons. There is more to it than Verdi and Vivaldi. And music history does not end with "Rock Around the Clock" - even if some claim the opposite. If you too are tired of the supposedly harmonious facts that are drummed into you in music lessons year after year, Epic Tough will open your eyes! Or what do you think, why there are fewer and fewer music teachers in the so-called Federal Republic?

Nothing is what it seems in Olav Amende's immediate monodrama. A guaranteed non-state-trained teacher from the Anhaltisches Theater plays on individual classes from grade 9 with minimal effort: the classroom becomes a stage, the material is brand new and suitable for the curriculum. And applause is guaranteed after 45 minutes. It is shortly before twelve ... Do not close your eyes and ears to the truth any longer!


Premiere September 17, 2020

Acting Niklas Herzberg

Director Rebekka Bangerter
Text by Olav Amende
Music and video dirt records
Dramaturgy Karina Paula Kecsek, Kornelius Friz

© rebekka bangerter

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