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© Aron H. Matthiasson


three attempts at order


An evening between choreography, object theater and participatory performance. Between the here and now and the elsewhere.

Atopy, the (Greek ατοπία atopía «placelessness», «not assignable», «of high originality»). In medicine, hereditary hypersensitivity with an immediate allergic reaction. In philosophy, the indescribability and indescribability of things: when the commonality of the place and the name is lost.

While scientists at Green Bank are measuring the reverberant signals of the Big Bang, an artificial island is being built in Dubai, Elvira spreads out her bath towel and a single sperm cell makes it to the egg cell.
How do we orient ourselves in a chaotic, placeless world? What is the relationship between meaning and the world? Driven by a permanent urge to create and order, the performers keep adding new images to a choreography of objects and bodies, and a voice claims to understand what is going on.  In the end, the audience is challenged to locate themselves.







Premiere June 2018 Theater der Künste, Zurich

Concept and direction Rebekka Bangerter

Performance Deborah de Lorenzo I Silvio Kretschmer I Katrija Lehmann I Fynn Schmidt I Annabelle Sersch

Text Rebekka Bangerter, Ensemble and the Internet

Scenography and costume Madlen Hallauer  

Dramaturgy Andreas Wirz

Sounddesign Luca Magni

Sound engineering Flurin Devonas

Oeil exterior Kathrin Veser

Anchor 1

© rebekka bangerter

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