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© Cornelia Zierhofer


a site-specific audio walk for children




On a timeline, the visitor embarks on a journey through time - and discovers the structural change of Pfingstweidplatz in a playful way. Once an allotment for farmers and finally an allotment garden in the interwar period, it is now an interim use site in the middle of an emerging industrial area. Together with Chronos, a cheeky future comrade from the year 2222 who speaks to the listener through headphones, the visitor travels through time. His task is to bring the lost Chronos back home safely to the future.
This time travel seeks a playful, interactive form of knowledge transfer that allows the visitor's own imagination and experience to become present as part of the knowledge. Visual and auditory complement and contradict each other - so that an active synthesis of the visitor is necessary. The focus is on the superimposition of time and space, and the question of how hidden and forgotten, possible and impossible histories of a place can be brought to the surface. Is time really as linear as we commonly believe? And what lies hidden behind the obvious first glance?


Concept, direction and audio design Rebekka Bangerter

Voice Julian Nico Tzschentke

Performance Silvio Kretschmer I Severin Mauchle

Scenography by Cornelia Zierhofer

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© Cornelia Zierhofer


© Cornelia Zierhofer

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© Cornelia Zierhofer


© Cornelia Zierhofer


© Cornelia Zierhofer


© Cornelia Zierhofer

© rebekka bangerter

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